Take Control of Your Cognitive Health

BrainCheck is a mobile app that performs cognitive health screening for rapid results.

Developed at the Eagleman Neuroscience Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine, BrainCheck is in clinical validation studies at the Texas Medical Center and Houston schools.

BrainCheck products are launching soon on iOS and Android devices.  Sign up now to receive an invitation when we launch in Spring 2015.

Plan ahead.  Own your data.
Be ready to take action when you need to.

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BrainCheck provides the technology for you to make more informed decisions about cognitive health concerns such as concussion and memory changes.

Our Concussion and Dementia products will be launching soon.


How it works

Why choose BrainCheck?


It's Fast, Fun and Easy to Use. 
BrainCheck’s self-administered tests are like games.  They are quick and enjoyable for users of all ages. 

Privacy and Security is our Priority. 
BrainCheck is HIPAA compliant, keeping all user data encrypted and confidential.  

Proven by Neuroscience. 
Developed by a top-notch team of neuroscientists, physicians and programmers, BrainCheck's tests are scientifically validated.

Top Notch Customer Support.
You can count on BrainCheck's team of trained professionals to answer any questions that may arise,